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Perene Consulting offers a comprehensive framework of research methods and individually design the best solution for each project. Our research methodologies are all based on a unique combination of sector specific knowledge and in-country research expertise. Often the best results are reached through analysis of multiple sources collected with different research techniques.

Policy Analysis

Our comprehensive methodology relies on primary sources and rigorous secondary research and analysis. Our goal is to present a research process that embodies a way of thinking that turns complex information into insight. We aim at systematically analyising components of the policy process giving a clear, precise, actionable understanding so our clients can evaluate and choose and formulate policies that delivery desired impact.


Value Chains

To give analytical insight for policy purposes, defining development interventions and assessing opportunities available to the poor, our methodology looks at different, albeit correlated, perspectives of the value chain and aims at clearly outlining the complex sets of interrelated elements. The vaule chain analysis is a useful analytical tool that helps understand overall trends of industrial and sector organisation and identifies change agents and leverage points for policy and technical interventions.

We use a variety of tools such as qualitative market mapping to identify different value chain actors, their roles, and the relationships between them. The analysis highlights the awareness, attitudes, perceptions, and knowledge of value chain actors and establishes means to positively impact the strengthening their linkages. Our results are the basis for the formulation of an upgrading strategy for the selected value chain.


Baseline surveys

We combine both quantitative and qualitative techniques in a baseline survey aiming at identifying living standards of communities and population at a given moment. We apply a combination of sample survey and participatory approaches such as community level inquires, household or enterprise surveys, as well as rapid appraisals. The challenge is to design tools and instruments that adhere to the highest quality standards in data collection in order to allow for comparisons to be made across regions, sectors and time.


Impact Evaluation

Perene seeks to assist organisations in reviewing the impact of past activities: Through an impact assessment two key questions should be answered: What changes have occurred in the participating population since the beginning of the programme and to what extent are these changes attributable to the programme. We therefore provide methods that ensure improvement-oriented critical reflection, learning to maximise the impact development projects, as well as showing the accountability of the impact.


Environmental Impact assessments

Through its holistic approach to environmental impacts assessments, Perene helps evaluate the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse. We use a combination of well-established methods such as monitoring, modelling, surveys, public opinion polls and workshops. Our work is based on the fundamental components of an environmental impact assessment which constitute a process aimed at identifying, predicting and evaluating environmental effects and developing adaptive environmental management strategies and in making informed decisions including public participation.

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